Sunday, November 11, 2012

The US has a new what?

I heard there was some kind of election in the US the other night? You know, it's just so hard to keep up when I'm half way around the world. Who won what?

One of my American coworkers was very excited to go out and celebrate that night. After work we hopped in a cab and headed to a popular foreigner bar called Maya. I met her group of friends and we had a ball. When we were leaving the bar the shoe shine man, who I met the first time I went to this bar, had a little baby kitten. He offered to sell it to us for 30rmb (the equivalent of $4.84). It just so happens Alicia has been interested in buying a cat, so how could you turn down such a good deal. He must have just found this little kitten on the street and she can't be more than five weeks old. It is pretty awful that she was separated from her mother so young, let's just hope it doesn't lead to an adolescence of drug use and promiscuous sex. As soon as Alicia bought her (we cant confirm or deny that it's a girl, but we hope so and have named her Maya, if we learn otherwise it's name will be changed to Barack) I held her in my coat. I just kept her warm and close to my heart beat. I was very happy when the following morning I was not covered in fleas or any sort of rash.

The following day (Thursday) was my day off. It just so happened that the owner of my school was hosting an employee appreciation sort of event. I guess these usually happen a couple times a year, but it is most commonly for the Chinese teachers. Alicia and I, however, were asked to attend. Alicia has been working for the school for 3ish years and is close with the owner, I don't know why they invited me, but I'm glad they did, because it was at a KTV. I'm sure you have all heard how much the Chinese like karaoke. You will be happy to know it is true. They love Karaoke. They call it KTV (karaoke television) and they do not mess around. It's not like in the states where it's a big bar and the drunkest people get up on stage and butcher a song. A KTV is a building with tons of private rooms. Walking through the halls kind of makes you feel you're at brothel? Not that I have ever been to a brothel, but the whole maze of a hallway with who knows what behind the door... The rooms vary in size, so you can sing with just a few friends or your entire office. The room comes equipped with a TV, a computer, speakers, and lots of seats. When I said they take it seriously, I meant it. It's not like bowling, where you go maybe once or twice a year and have a few beers while you're doing it. It's like those bowlers that have a custom embroidered bowling shirt, and bring their own shoes, and ball in their custom made bowling bag; the ones that have an extremely serious look on their face, one that is far too serious for bowling. That's what KTV is like here. And because they do it so often, they are really good at and quite serious. Like close their eyes and belt out a song as if they are on American Idol. Needless to say, it was an amazing experience. Because it was my first time I was too embarrased to sing. Now that I know what it is all about I will find my go to song and practice my singing and choreography so that the next time I go to a KTV I will be prepared and leave them thinking I'm Katy Perry. Maya came to the KTV as well. She had a great time.

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